Personal Day 2015

On September 28th, 2015, I took a personal leave day from work.  I needed this more than I can even describe.  I have attached a link to the pictures from the day, but I want to tell you this.  It was more beautiful than I can describe, more beautiful than the pictures can show.  It has meaning to me in ways I cannot describe.  I remember going to this place as a young kid, we would leave before the sun came up, just like I did on this day.  I remember the smell, and it still smells like this today, when you get off of I-70 at Wolcott, you can smell the local vegetation, mixed with horse sweat, is about the best way I can describe it.  It is natural, clean, and smells like the mountains should.  Once on the road up toward Yamcolo Reservoir, the aspen were glorious.  I have never been there this late in the year, as we used to go in the early summer when I was a kid.  It is hard to describe the beauty, it gives me goose bumps just re-thinking how goergous it actually was.  I also loved how it smelled, not just the local vegetation, but you could smell the aspen, like a huge pile of leaves waiting to be jumped into.  Autumn was in the air, but it was oh so much more.  I felt as if my God above was treating me to an extra special glimpse of what He can do, and does for each of us daily.  I don’t know why I had this surreal feeling, but it was one of those moments that will not easily be forgotten.

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