Thanks for viewing this page.  Motorcycling is part of who I am.  I upgraded in December of 2016 from my NC700X to my 2013 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS.  I actually have yet to find one without ABS, so, not sure why they add it.   I have been chronicling my life on a motorcycle on my YouTube Channel.



This is my previous toy.  My NC700X.  We have had a few adventures together, and I hope to share things I have learned while riding on two wheels to this page.

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1.  Old people can’t see anything, especially motorcycles.

2. Wave at everybody, it makes the world a happier place.  Even Harley riders.

3. If you can’t sleep in on a Saturday morning, fill it with a ride on your cycle.

4. Try to not breathe in while passing roadkill.  Roadkill smells TERRIBLE.  If you do inhale whilst passing roadkill, try to not vomit into your helmet, as this makes riding less pleasant.


I also have a youtube channel, view it here!

Thanks for reading!  More to come!




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