About Me


My name is John, and I am setting up this website after years of running a small business out of my house.  I have really slowed down, and only have a few choice customers that I work with.  If you would like to be one of those choice customers, please contact me.

I am currently employed at a local Fire Department, as one of two IT personnel.  I keep the servers (virtual, and physical), switches, WAN, Mobile computers on the fire trucks, engines, and ambulances running.  I also assist with users BYOD issues, mostly with connections to our Exchange server, which I also administer.  I also do other duties as assigned which usually includes running the Board Room AV equipment during Board meetings, assisting with Chief Staff personal computing issues, and general electronic repairs around the Fire District.

I am setting up this web page in hopes to chronicle my life from this point on, to add some pictures of my adventures, experiences working on networks, and my personal vehicles.  To add things to a blog which is uncluttered by other issues than the issues my blogs are designed to address, and hopefully just have fun, and have a release from the stresses of today, and a place to look back and find answers to what I did last month.

Have a great day!



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